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Think of this as Oprah's favorite things, except none of us are Oprah,

and this will come more than once a year.

Photo by Morgan Leigh English (@thiscannabislife)

Photo by Morgan Leigh English (@thiscannabislife)

Kush Queen Products

Olivia Alexander founded Kush Queen with one thing in mind; community… it’s something we share.

Kush Queen’s products work wonders by attacking inflammation at the source. Whether we’re talking about DEFYNT’s incredible ability to calm and cleanse complexions of all types, or a lotion that Melts the pain away, Kush Queen is a reliable source for all things CBD.

Keep that body in prime condition by incorporating Kush Queen and self-love into your #rituals!

up first


Today’s news in less than 15-minutes! Ben likes Up First because it’s more news, less hypothesizing. The hosts push through both national and international news, with classic NPR ‘boots on the ground’ insights.